Thursday, January 5, 2012

What I'm Wearing: Shades of Brown

Howdy everyone! Today was one of those days where I rolled out of bed with a complete lack of inspiration. I saw the top I have on in the closet and decided it was high time I wore it. I thrifted this pleated front beauty from the Goodwill a month or more ago. The sleeves are enormously fluffy, so I feel a big like I have saggy army in it, but over all it's cute. It needed some structure and that is why I tied a faux leather belt around it to create a waist.

Then I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with it, so I ended up just pulling a brown pair of dress pants from my closet and throwing on some heeled loafers. As I was ready to leave, (and already running behind) I noticed that my butt looked atrocious in these pants because they were way too loose in the caboose. I got home from work and even my husband said "Your pants are too big." I found out why when I looked at the tag. They are two sizes bigger than what I wear in the same brand now. Time for these to go to consignment.

Top and Faux Leather Belt: Goodwill, Pants: New York & Company, Heeled loafers: Consignment Boutique, Handbag: Second Chance Consignment, Necklace: Clothes Mentor

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Shades of Brown

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  1. Love the look... And Shades of Brown is actually my favorite coffee shop. Gonna go get a hot chocolate now :)

    peace&love, Jill
    Favor the Brave

  2. What a beauuuutiful top! I love the flowiness of it!

    Cup of Tea

  3. this top and bag are lovely, love this outfit

  4. Too bad about the pants - they look really nice from the front, especially with that top.


  5. I totally know what you mean about those days when you just aren't inspired. I love the top though ;)

    vonnie <3

  6. I love the belt and the bag!! Very cute!

  7. Beautiful shirt. You look awfully good for being uninspired.

  8. That feminine blouse is lovely, but my favourite is the gorgeous handbag, brilliant fashion piece!

  9. I love that bag!! And the top is so pretty :)
    (pooo on the pants being too big)

  10. I love your monochromatic look! The browns look great!

  11. LOVE this look. It's so sophisticated.

  12. Super cute blouse! Love the way you belted it :)
    xo Jac

  13. Looks fabulous! I love that you added the belt. That blouse is adorable. :)

  14. i love the pleated detail of the blouse. you look very elegant.

  15. I am probably the wrong person to ask as there is nothing I wouldn't try to rock! I just love clothing! And I love this look on you especially!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  16. Such a pity about the trousers, but I adore the blouse and the saggy arms detail. The bag is nice too.

  17. You did a fab job accessorizing it Kassi! It looks great! I love your bag and necklace!!! :D

  18. Well, for lack of inspiration, I think you pulled together a really chic look!
    I love your belt and the flowy top. :) You look great!

  19. youve inspired me! i have all of these pieces :) you look so good, girl!

    love, jamie

  20. lovely outfit! you look so gorgeous


  21. Um, let's talk about your bag for a second - FABULOUS! I love the color.... I want it!


  22. Looking adorable! And that bag is awesome!

  23. very cute!

  24. The colors look nice on ya- happy new year

  25. I really love brown - the way some people like black. I think the shades you chose look great on you, and that top is super cute & flattering!


  26. I love wearing shades of browns or neutrals! It is more lighthearted than black but has the intensity you need! Lovely outfit :)

    A Southern Drawl

  27. hahaha you are funny!!! that pants situation happens to me also a few days ago :/ LOVE that top.. is kinda boho and has a 70's vibe that i just adore :) plus the neutral colors are so chic and classy! definitely the perfect outfit for work!

    happy weekend gorgeous!

  28. Super cute look. I have pants like that too. I been need to take stuff to goodwill.

  29. Fabulous outfit especially that handbag,it definitely eye catcher on the seen.

    --Have a great day!--

  30. Gorgeous outfit dear! I love the blouse! xx

  31. The shirt is my favorite from all the combination, so elegant and chic.
    I always enjoy your looks, so inspiring.

  32. Yes, i would wear this! you really look nice and I love how you put the belt on it, loafers are <33
    Dolly, xo
    Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

  33. Beautiful top, and cool bag ! ^^

    Thanks for your comment Kassi :) Have a nice weekend.

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

  34. I like the blouse & I REALLY like the belt accent.

    BTW... no, I never wonder what you were thinking AND I really enjoy READING your blog. Your blog really is one that i look forward to everyday.

  35. Your gorgeous!
    I've been looking for a new blog to follow for
    ages and I think yours is it!
    This post is great and i'm going to have to
    go back through old posts now.

    I hope you can check mine out and maybe even follow


  36. Love Love Love that pretty blouse! I am an admirer of a great vintage thrifted blouse! And this one is very pretty! I like that you gave it a structure with that leather belt! Great styling!
    Good luck!

  37. Kassi I love that blouse!!! You look awesome in neutrals!

  38. oh the bag of yours is fab!!!! love the necklace too.such a statement piece, it has an eerie boho feeling which i like.
    just a blog about seductive women.


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