Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What I'm Wearing: Oooh the Flossy Flossy

Hello, Lovelies! How are you this beautiful day? You ever have those days where you are frazzled from second one? I woke up later than I wanted and was scrambling like a mad woman to get around for work. You know what fixes a frazzled day? Faux Leather skirts, big hats and tacos (especially tacos), that's what. I honestly didn't have a lot of time to think about what I was gonna wear this morning so I just started grabbing. I just got this fabulous t-shirt on my latest shopping excursion. I saw it and was instantly in love. Marilyn Monroe and it says "Glamour is Forever"? Sign me up.

Anyhow, this t-shirt inspired me to glam up a bit with a faux leather skirt, pearls, pink heels and a derby hat. It made me think or the Fergie song "Glamorous" and then I found myself wondering what in the heck she is talking about when she says "flossy, flossy." Can anyone answer this question? Because the last time I checked, flossing was not glamorous.

Skirt: New York & Company, Tee: Spencers, Necklace worn as Bracelet: Second Chance, 
Shoes (that you can barely see): Charlotte Russe

What do you think?

Monday, August 27, 2012

What I'm Wearing: Busy Bee

So guys, I've totally neglected my baby. My blog should turn me in for abuse. I've just been so busy and when I'm not busy it seems I've been too lazy. Even though my pictures did not turn out good I decided to woman up and get a post together. :)

This past Saturday I had a busy day. We put on a fashion show for work to show off our fall/back-to-school collection and I was in charge of models and putting the looks together. I went into high stress (read: psycho) mode when several models I had booked flaked on me last minute. So guess who got her bootay up on the runway? You guessed it, this girl right here, and let me tell you I worked it out. My inner diva so needed that.

Anyway the outfit above is what I wore with the intention of styling models backstage. I paired black skinnies with a red cami, cheetah inset black blazer, statement necklace and Dalmation print, bow-adorned heels.

 Pants and Blazer: Maurices, Statement Necklace: Clothes Mentor,
 Handbag: Vintage from Antique Store, Heels: Style & Co (gift from mom)

Then after the fashion show/ work I had a wedding reception to run off to, so I went home and changed as quickly as possible into a dress and heels and went back out the door. The sun going down created a lot of awkward shadowing in all of these pics, so ignore that :)

 Dress and Shoes: Maurices, Necklace: Clothes Mentor

I've missed you guys! How have you all been?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Warrior Princess

Well guys, I finished my second Warrior Dash. It was an awesome time, even though I could not move the next day.  In typical Kassi fashion, I decided to stand out a bit by putting a lovely plastic tiara on my head and a sash that read 2012 Warrior Princess. This was a last minute decision that caused my brother to tell me he would be running nowhere near me. Pffft. What fun is that?

I came to run this bad boy with all guys and at 3/4 a mile in it was becoming clear that with my lack of training (Read: No running whatsoever) I was not going to be able to keep up. As I told them to go on ahead, some lovely ladies said I could run with them and I had a great time laughing and making friends along the way!

Is that picture hot or what? :)