Monday, August 27, 2012

What I'm Wearing: Busy Bee

So guys, I've totally neglected my baby. My blog should turn me in for abuse. I've just been so busy and when I'm not busy it seems I've been too lazy. Even though my pictures did not turn out good I decided to woman up and get a post together. :)

This past Saturday I had a busy day. We put on a fashion show for work to show off our fall/back-to-school collection and I was in charge of models and putting the looks together. I went into high stress (read: psycho) mode when several models I had booked flaked on me last minute. So guess who got her bootay up on the runway? You guessed it, this girl right here, and let me tell you I worked it out. My inner diva so needed that.

Anyway the outfit above is what I wore with the intention of styling models backstage. I paired black skinnies with a red cami, cheetah inset black blazer, statement necklace and Dalmation print, bow-adorned heels.

 Pants and Blazer: Maurices, Statement Necklace: Clothes Mentor,
 Handbag: Vintage from Antique Store, Heels: Style & Co (gift from mom)

Then after the fashion show/ work I had a wedding reception to run off to, so I went home and changed as quickly as possible into a dress and heels and went back out the door. The sun going down created a lot of awkward shadowing in all of these pics, so ignore that :)

 Dress and Shoes: Maurices, Necklace: Clothes Mentor

I've missed you guys! How have you all been?


  1. Loving both of looks!! That event sounds so fun! I'm glad you got to release your inner diva too :)

  2. No worries about being too busy to blog....I've been there too! Cute outfits; I especially love that dress! xo

  3. lol. It's okay. We all neglect our blog once in a while. Fantastic outfits - both of them.
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  4. What fun/stress! Sounds like it all worked out.

    Cute dress.

    Oh, and welcome back. I have been MIA far too long myself. Summer is just that way, I guess? Kuddos to those that can keep up every day, year round.

  5. Looking good girlfriend!! It takes a lot of courage to get up on that stage, :) this is a great look for the office, you can never go wrong pairing red and black!


  6. Lovely outfits!! I love the fist most :)


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