Friday, April 29, 2011

Outfit Idea of the Day: Yellow Shorts

 Well I hope we get to wear shorts sometime in the near future and I saw the yellow shorts below and had to make an outfit around them. This shirt has a fun and unconventional print that would be really interesting to even wear with just a pair of jeans.

Geo Burnout Top
$13.80 at
 I am in love with this yellowish gold color and it makes for a different way to wear your shorts this spring/summer.

Cuffed Linen-Blend Shorts (in Banana Crepe color)
$24.50 at
 I like the idea of still doing a statement necklace with this outfit to give it a more stylized look.

Sparkle Bib Necklace

$10.80 at

I believe with the prints and colors mixed in the top portion of this outfit that the shoes should be kept simple and cute. These nude wedges are just the thing and will be your go-to-shoe for a lot of summer outfits.

Morgan Espadrille High Heel Wedge
$24.99 at

I realize that this isn't my usual kind of purse, but I really like the idea of doing something bright and different for this season.

Colby Grass Tote
$21.00 at

Happy Spring Colors Shopping!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Outfit Idea of the Day: Cute Rain Gear

 As much as it has been raining this spring it's about time I got around to finding some affordable rain gear. For you gals who love raincoats and wellies, here is a cute little rainy day idea.

I love this polka dot coat in silver and black, always cute and always in style. It also comes in a brown variety.

Dollhouse Polka Dot Trench Coat
$15.00 at

 ...And now for some matching wellies! These are cute and stylish enough to put together with most outfits and head out on that rainy day.

Capelli New York Shiny & Contrasting Backing Rainboots

 $24.99 at

And to protect your hair from major frizz-factor is a cute and colorful umbrella! Forever 21 sells a couple (leopard and damask prints) for around $6 but they just didn't go with the jacket very well. So here is a bright red ruffled umbrella that will always be stylish. 

Red Ruffle Parasol Umbrella $19.95 at

 Stay Dry :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Outfit Idea of the Day: Spring into a Skirt

 We are occasionally starting to see some warm days, spring has taken its time getting here, but soon enough we will be able to wear skirts without having to wiggle into hosiery. This is a simple, yet cute outfit that would be very easy to put together on any given day.

This shirt is simple but will never  go out of style, and the neck has a bit of interest to keep it from being a plain ivory shirt.

Ivory Tunic Top
$19.50 at
 I really love this skirt. I love the colors, the print and that it has a nice wide band at the top making it easy to tuck your top in and not need a belt.

Mixed Print Skirt
$19.80 at

This necklace is so charming and the price it right to make it the perfect little accessory for this outfit.

Handbag Love Charm Necklace

$1.50 at

These heeled sandals are very interesting and the rich brown makes them a great piece to add to your closet.

Carlos by Carlos Santana Fandango

$25.00 at

This straw bag has a light springy/beachy feel and makes this outfit look effortlessly put together.

Avenue Ombre Straw Bag

$24.90 at

Is this something you would wear?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Outfit Idea of the Day: Everyday Casual Outfit for Petites

 As per request from my pint-sized college roommate, I present a casual outfit for petites. :)

I am in love with crochet for the spring, and this top though a solid color, with the crocheted top and white belt in the middle is very pretty and interesting.

a.n.a. Crochet  Yoke Top - Petites
$21.99 at

A great pair of trouser jeans have a dressier feel that always look polished and more modern than normal denim.

Dockers Women's Addison Petite Trousers

$18.59 at
 If you haven't noticed coral is one of the colors I'm having a love affair with this spring. I think these beads will really be showcased against the white shirt.  A great piece of jewelry to put some oomph in any outfit.

Beaded Feminine Necklace

$7.80 at

 Wedges are the comfortable way to do heels and still give you height and make your outfit a bit dressier.

Mossimo Wakana Strappy Wedges

$19.99 at

Hooray for a multi-color bags! I really like this one with all of the bright spring like colors. Everyone should own a fun bag like this.

Xhilaration Multi Satchel Serape

$19.99 at

What do you think of this?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Outfit Idea of the Day: A cute skirt and shirt combo for my curvy ladies

 A cute wear to work outfit or for a night out, this outfit is a great example of pieces that can be broken up and used in other outfits. This shirt can be paired with a cardigan and jeans in chillier months. I love the bright color shining through on this black and white top that creates such a beautiful pattern. V-neck shirts are also universally flattering in making women look slimmer.
Worthington Cap Sleeve V-neck Shirt
$19.99 at

I found a great source for plus-sized clothing in, it features a range of prices but there are a lot of great deals to be had, like this skirt. A pretty medium gray with a belt to slim the waist, this is a great neutral color to pair with a variety of tops. 

Wild Thing Skirt
$13.99 at

These beautiful blue earrings really pop the color in the shirt and pull the whole outfit together.

Beaded Trim Earrings
$3.80 at
 A simple pair of black pumps like these should be a staple item in your wardrobe.

Madden Girl Sursey Pump
$19.98 at

 I love this funky purse with a subtle leopard print in the texture. A great standard black purse with a little bit of edge.

David Jones Hair on Leopard Handbag
$29.95 at

What do you ladies think? Would you add this to your wardrobe?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Outfit Idea of the Day: Leopard and Yellow

 I love leopard and I love yellow so putting them together is a dream. I think you could wear this with jeans or some nice dress pants or even a pencil skirt. This simple button down with three quarter length sleeves is a perfect lightweight spring shirt.

Women's Leopard Print Blouse
$25.99 at

A pretty bright spring color belt to cinch the waist of this shirt brings life to the gray and black leopard shirt.

Solid Color Leather Adjustable Leather Skinny Belt
$7.99 at

 To add a little sparkle to this outfit, I found these beautiful sequined strappy sandals.

Madden Girl Sparrks Open Toe Pump
$19.98 at

A clutch like this will add a chic detail to the overall outfit.

BG Retro Basic Clutch with Stone Floral Top
$22.99 at

What do you think?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Outfit Idea of the Day: Skinny Cargo Pants

A cute every day outfit, one that would be easy to pull together and get out the door every morning, yet look still polished.

I really like the ruffles and buttons on this tan jacket, a great neutral piece to go with many tops or even over a dress.

Ali &Kris Short Sleeved Cropped Military Jacket
$26.99 at 

A pretty color combination in a fun pattern adds the needed oomph to this outfit.

Fair Isle Tank
$13.80 at

 Skinny cargo pants are a new trend on the scene. I was leery of this trend at first thinking it couldn't possibly be flattering, but I've seen them on a few people and have found them to be a refreshing alternative to jeans.

Freestyle Skinny Cargos
$25.99 at

A cute pair of simple denim wedges like these will get a lot of use with sundresses and shorts in the summer but would also look nice with this outfit.

Kendal Knot Wedge (in denim)
$19.99 at

With the print of the shirt this outfit doesn't need a lot of accessorizing. A simple colorful necklace like this will do the trick.

Stone Age Tooth Necklace (silver/turquoise)
$2.80 at

Could you see yourself wearing this?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Outfit Idea of the Day: Long Shirt and Leggings

 I'm a bit of a leggings addict. I believe they are the chic way to be comfortable in public. The glorified sweatpants, but way prettier and more fitted :) I chose this navy blue ruffle shirt because I love the color, it's not printed, but it's not plain Jane either.

Jessica Simpson Jeanswear "Santiago" Top

$29.40 at

I love the color combination of navy blue and dark brown. I love the subtle zipper detail on the ankles.

Moa Moa Zip-detail leggings $5.70 at

 Orange works beautifully with both of the colors while adding a gorgeous contrast to the dark pallet.  A statement necklace like this will really make an outfit have character and interest.

Rhinestone Beaded Necklace Set

$20.80 at

An easy strappy pair of heeled sandals will give this outfit a dressier feel.

Connie Zara T-Strap Sandals

$29.99 at

A professional looking bag like this transitions well with many outfits. Love the color love the old briefcase type feel it has.

$26.80 at

Do you like this outfit?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Outfit Idea of the Day: The $16 Dress for Work

 I was stalking Macy's clearance section and lo and behold I see this cute dress that would work really well for the office. It's a Tommy Hilfiger dress and it's cheap! Yay! I've put together a simple work day outfit with this dress.

Tommy Hilfiger Eagle Printed Faux Wrap Dress
$15.90 at
 I think a simple black Y necklace is the ticket for this dress because of the cut on the top portion. It will add a simple touch of elegance.

Kenneth Cole New York Blackout Jet Stone Y Necklace
$14.99 at
 I found some cute embossed pointy toe heels that did not have an extreme heel height. I think that these look extremely nice and will pull off the whole polished look.

Fashion Buckle Black Pointy Toed Pumps
$21.90 at

We have to get a pop of color here with a great, feminine handbag. I love the color, the ruffles and the tassles on this bag. This would make a great everyday purse.

Magid Karen Drawstring Hobo  (in mustard)

$24.80 at

How did I do? Would you wear this to work, an interview or just for a night out?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Outfit Idea of the Day: A Sweet Little Jacket

As Easter approaches you see pastels everywhere, but I don't see nearly enough on your bodies! I came across this jacket in lilac (a color I don't normally wear) and was mesmorized by its simple beauty. The crocheted and oversized lapels are absolutely gorgeous and the asymetrical design   keeps it very modern.                                           This jacket is only $17.00 by Eyeshadow at (p.s. they have free shipping!)

I think this jacket calls for a soft flowy top like this one to keep it ultra-feminine and sweet. A great basic to add to your wardrobe.

Ruffle Front Woven Top (cream)
$15.80 at


 It's getting warmer and its almost time to break out the capris. I love the hue cuff on these ones as well as the wash and fit for this outfit.

Hint Capri Jeans in Smoke
$19.92 at

A pair of nude shoes can go a long way in your wardrobe, easy with almost any outfit. Bonus: Nude shoes help make you look thinner!

Fergalicious Utopia $29.99 at

This outfit needs a sweet, soft piece of jewelry. I love that this locket is gold and cream. A great standard piece to throw on with a lot of outfits.

Heart Locket Decorative Toggle Necklace
$10.67 at

Is this something you could see yourself wearing?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Outfit Idea of the Day: Black and Gold T-Shirt and Jeans Combo (for the curvier ladies)

I really dislike the fashion industry term "plus size" so I like to say "curvy" I think it is more encompassing and fair. I am in love with this bow shirt. As you already know I love bows! And this just has such a vintage feel. I love it!

Cream/Gold Foil Bow Tee $19.98
I know some of you will be leary of wearing skinny jeans but I really believe a dark wash like this is flattering on everyone and the price makes it worth giving them a try.

Forever21+ Fab Skinny Jeans $12.50

A beautiful stack of bangles like this could be the only accessory this outfit really needs.

Black Tie Affair Bangles $9.50
Last, but certainly not least, shoes! These are really pretty with the knot in front combining the black and gold, they really dress the whole outfit up.

NINA Uzma heels $26.99 at

What do you think?