Friday, April 1, 2011

Passion for Fashion

I am absolutely in love with fashion. Few things thrill me more than going on the hunt for cute clothes at good deals. I'm starting this blog because I genuinely feel that being trendy/ up with current fashion does not need to be expensive. I am actually a tad offended when I read a "Deals & Steals" section in a magazine and I see shoes for $125 on that page, shirts for $80, purses for $150, and dresses for $200. To me those are not "deals" at all. In fact, in the current economic state I'm not sure how that is a deal for much of anyone. I am out to prove that you can have an entire fashionable outfit often for less than one of those fashion magazine's items. I'm a frugalista, baby and proud of it!

In this blog, it is my intention to cover various styles for various body types. We are not all the same size, we do not all look good in the same things and we certainly do not all have the same tastes. I WILL NOT put anything on this blog that I, myself, would not wear. I am open to suggestions if there is a particular item you would like me to feature. With that said, I hope this is helpful to at least some of you. Starting out, most of the deals I will be looking for will be on-line as it is easier to get pictures and attach links. Happy Shopping :)


Thank you so much for stopping by! Your comments always make me giddy like a school girl on a sugar high. Leave your link so I can creep on you. The good kind of creeping. Not the kind where I hang your pictures in my room or anything. (awkward shuffle)

Fashionably yours,


Pronounced KC (like the Sunshine Band)