Monday, April 4, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Fun and Flirty

 Another extremely girly outfit idea. I love bows, ruffles and anything that will make an outfit more feminine. I came across this shirt and absolutely fell in love with the color and the gorgeous ruffle on the shoulder. A great spring color that is a departure from the usual.

Asymmetrical Ruffle Shoulder Sweater $19.99 at

This skirt is probably a mid thigh length skirt depending on your height but this skirt could certainly be worn with a pair of solid tights if you are uncomfortable with the length. I love the way this color would look with the pale orange color above and keeping with the girly theme it has hearts all over it :)

Full Skirt (white hearts pattern) $24.50 at

A simple pair of soft looking peep-toe pumps like this could get a lot of use in your wardrobe from nicer dresses to being wore with jeans.

Unlisted by Kenneth Cole "I'm Spending" Pump $23.60

Of course this skirt combo could be worn with flats, boots or whatever :)

Stay Fabulous!


  1. I tried to order the skirt. It does not come in a 2X!!

  2. Oh Larry, that's too bad and we all know your legs are your best asset!

  3. Thanks!! You would be the "Leg Expert"!!


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