Sunday, April 3, 2011

Outfit Idea of the Day: The Maxi Dress

 The Maxi dress has made a major comeback in the  last couple of years and I am happy to see some cute ones that have a bit of a sleeve so they can be worn in the spring.

I really love the bright blue color and pattern of this dress, it is so fun and youthful.

Breezy Maxi Dress  $24.80

   I love the idea of pairing a turquoise like color with gold accessories to give it a bohemian easy feel.  I like the leaves on this necklace as well as the little pops of  color on it.

Leaf Stone Necklace $10.40 at

You will NEVER see me put a regular old pair of flip-flops on here. But these t-strap sandals are as comfortable as flip flops but look a whole more chic. Gold (as well as silver and bronze) serve as great neutrals for a contrast from your usual black and brown sandals.

Beaded T-Strap Sandals $7.25 at
My first purse post. Hooray. The strap on this simple purse can be adjusted to a long length and slung across your body which is how I envisioned it with this outfit. A comfortable, practical spring purse.

Simply Perfect Sling Bag $14.99 at

Happy Spring Shopping :)


  1. That's because you're totally hot like that ;)

    I will have to feature some Owl & Lark after you are done with the craziness of art-a-whirl.


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