Sunday, April 17, 2011

Outfit Idea of the Day: Skinny Cargo Pants

A cute every day outfit, one that would be easy to pull together and get out the door every morning, yet look still polished.

I really like the ruffles and buttons on this tan jacket, a great neutral piece to go with many tops or even over a dress.

Ali &Kris Short Sleeved Cropped Military Jacket
$26.99 at 

A pretty color combination in a fun pattern adds the needed oomph to this outfit.

Fair Isle Tank
$13.80 at

 Skinny cargo pants are a new trend on the scene. I was leery of this trend at first thinking it couldn't possibly be flattering, but I've seen them on a few people and have found them to be a refreshing alternative to jeans.

Freestyle Skinny Cargos
$25.99 at

A cute pair of simple denim wedges like these will get a lot of use with sundresses and shorts in the summer but would also look nice with this outfit.

Kendal Knot Wedge (in denim)
$19.99 at

With the print of the shirt this outfit doesn't need a lot of accessorizing. A simple colorful necklace like this will do the trick.

Stone Age Tooth Necklace (silver/turquoise)
$2.80 at

Could you see yourself wearing this?

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