Friday, April 15, 2011

Outfit Idea of the Day: Long Shirt and Leggings

 I'm a bit of a leggings addict. I believe they are the chic way to be comfortable in public. The glorified sweatpants, but way prettier and more fitted :) I chose this navy blue ruffle shirt because I love the color, it's not printed, but it's not plain Jane either.

Jessica Simpson Jeanswear "Santiago" Top

$29.40 at

I love the color combination of navy blue and dark brown. I love the subtle zipper detail on the ankles.

Moa Moa Zip-detail leggings $5.70 at

 Orange works beautifully with both of the colors while adding a gorgeous contrast to the dark pallet.  A statement necklace like this will really make an outfit have character and interest.

Rhinestone Beaded Necklace Set

$20.80 at

An easy strappy pair of heeled sandals will give this outfit a dressier feel.

Connie Zara T-Strap Sandals

$29.99 at

A professional looking bag like this transitions well with many outfits. Love the color love the old briefcase type feel it has.

$26.80 at

Do you like this outfit?

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