Saturday, April 9, 2011

Outfit Idea of the Day: The Shirtdress

 The shirtdress is a classic look that never really falls out of favor in fashion. A nice 3/4 sleeve dress like this one in black is a great piece to own, a go-to look. I also think with the belt that cinches the waist, this dress could flatter most any figure.

Elementz 3/4 sleeve shirtdress $24.99 at

I am a believer that everyone should own some form of leopard print in their wardrobe. These shoes would add some needed flair to the plain black dress.

Twist Front Satin Leopard Heels $24.80 at
 A nice set of black and gold bangles add a touch of glamor and pull this leopard and black dress together.

Chic Bangle Set $7.80 at

I believe the shirtdress is better served with earrings and bracelets and that a necklace is not necessary. These simple gold earrings will add a drop of color and sparkle to this outfit.

Hoop on Hoop Beaded Earrings $3.80 at

Last but not least a classy, expensive looking bag to polish off the whole look. I love the quilted pattern and hardware on this bag. It also comes in beige which I also think would look great with this outfit.

MNG by Mango "Haiti" Bag $27.92 at

What do you think?


  1. No comments again?? How are you ever going to get famous!!
    Anyway, Shirt dresses on me tend to be so short, I don't dare go out of the house!!!

  2. PS,
    Findng those heels in a 14! Good Luck!!

  3. I am not sure I will ever be famous Larry. :) But, that's okay, as long as I've been helpful in helping make outfits easy to put together. :)

    Yeah you are gonna have to find a custom dressmaker and shoemaker to get this look in your sizes. :)


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