Thursday, August 2, 2012

Warrior Princess

Well guys, I finished my second Warrior Dash. It was an awesome time, even though I could not move the next day.  In typical Kassi fashion, I decided to stand out a bit by putting a lovely plastic tiara on my head and a sash that read 2012 Warrior Princess. This was a last minute decision that caused my brother to tell me he would be running nowhere near me. Pffft. What fun is that?

I came to run this bad boy with all guys and at 3/4 a mile in it was becoming clear that with my lack of training (Read: No running whatsoever) I was not going to be able to keep up. As I told them to go on ahead, some lovely ladies said I could run with them and I had a great time laughing and making friends along the way!

Is that picture hot or what? :)


  1. Holy cow! You go, girl. Love the tiara and attitude.

  2. That is so awesome, sounds like an experience alright! :)
    I love that you wore a tiara haha! xD

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  3. Your picture is classic, the look of terror on your face is priceless, well done you :) xx

  4. That is one awesome picture! You go girl!

  5. awesome!!!!!!

  6. Whoa, this is SO AWESOME! haha

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  7. Nice job! I've never done that kind of thing, but I would imagine it's hard without any training. Great picture though :P

  8. haha I love this Kassi! The picture says it all, superb job! I love that tiara, I'd completely don one of those during that as well! -xo/Madison

  9. Hahahaha that photo just made my day!!! You look super bad ass with that tiara and mud! Hehe!


  10. I love this photo! Definitely the hottest thing I've seen all day hahaahah! I'm pretty sure my brother would refuse to run with me if I wore a tiara :)


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  11. Ah that is so cool! Great photo I want to try it now! xx

  12. Congratulations on completing the course! Yay You! I absolutely love that you wore a tiara and sash and this photo is just AWESOME! My brothers and husband would also not run anywhere near me and I also wouldn't care. Way to go, Kassi!


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