Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What I'm Wearing: Three Looks in the Books

A little bit Rock N' Roll
 OK, everyone. I've been noticeably absent from blogging lately, My posts are few and far between. I've had a busy summer filled with lots of wedding and baby showers, weddings and activities.  I have been photographing some of my outfits though and then just never sit down and post them so today I am posting three at once and you tell me your favorite.

The one above was actually a last minute, throw it together kind of outfit that features a matte sequined top, faux leather shorts, chunky jewelry and leopard wedges. Super comfy with a little bit of edge.

Mirror, Mirror

I actually wore this look to work today. I had the bright idea of photographing myself in the fitting room thinking it would make for cool pictures when actually it just makes me look huge because there is so much of me in there, haha. Oh well.

In this outfit I am wearing some robin's egg blue skinny pants that I got for $8, a  black and white striped trapeze top, cut-out wedges and a chunky statement bracelet.

Creme Brulee' 

This look is head-to-toe Maurices. I really love the softness of the cream with the black and tan dots all over it. The mary-jane heels make the overall look sweet. Don't mind the weird shadows on my face and dress from the tree. Clearly this was not the best photography ever.

Which look is your favorite?


  1. I really like that first outfit - perfect for a casual day but full of style. Plus, I still have to get some leather shorts!
    Haha, missed seeing your posts.

    Trendy Teal
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  2. I absolutely LOVE the cut out wedges

  3. I love the second look since I'm obsessed with stripes!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. That first outfit is super glam and awesome! Love that you threw it together last min and look like a million :) Also...where did you get those amazing cutout wedges?!

    <3 Cambria

  5. Ooh I love all three! And I have those shorts! Haha I think you know that already though.... Hmmm...I think my favorite is the third one though, that dress is so summery fun!

    Cup of Tea

  6. the leopard wedges are just awesome! i've been away too:/ i recently changed my username and Blogname as well, do have a look:)

  7. I love all your outfits! Especially the third one!!! that dress is so sweet!

  8. my fave is the first one! love those shorts!


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