Sunday, May 15, 2011

Outfit Idea of the Day: Anti-Boring Businesswear

 No plain white button up shirt and khakis look on this blog! Make your business dress more fun and more colorful with this easy to pull together look.

This shirt is beautiful with its black and white ruffles and is an extremely easy shirt to put on and not need to accessorize much, if at all.

Ballet Neck Chiffon Flower Top
$19.99 at

Whoo hoo. A bright red pencil skirt! I am way excited for a colorful and shapely skirt. This red will pop nicely from the black and make you instantly more stylish.

Bow-Pocket Skirt in crimson red

$27.50 at
 This outfit screams for zebra print shoes. :) I like these with the bows on the side, however, I have also run into many a pair of cute zebra print flats at good prices if heels aren't your thing.

Classified Zebra Peep-Toe Patent Heels

$26.99 at

Pull the whole outfit together with a pretty white bag. This one is simple and functional.

Ashlyn Tote in pearly white

$20.99 at

What do you think?

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