Monday, July 18, 2011

InStyle Magazine Look for Less

As  I was flipping through my InStyle magazine I came across this page which showed how to take a silk fuschia top and make two distinct outfits with it. Looking at the prices of each item on the page, I was both shocked and disgusted. This motivated me to make a similar outfit for less. I am pretty pleased with what I found, so if you like the look above, you can do it for much less. In case you were wondering what the above outfit adds up to, it would cost you $2,038. You can gasp now. My version is under $100 created with the pieces below.                                                                           
This is by no means a silk shirt but it has the oversize feel of the one shown above and the v-neck will make you appear slimmer. Anvil Women's Sheer V-neck Shirt  $8.99 at
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 A slim pair of  black dress pants will still hold the same dressy look as the wool pants listed above at a much lower cost.

Jolt Skinny Trousers $17.99 at

I wondered if I would have difficulty finding an affordable pair of black studded pumps to put with this outfit but it these beauties showed up at a at less than one tenth of the price of the version above.

Not Rated Riveting Platform Pump
$19.98 at

A pretty turquoise necklace really pops off of the pink of the shirt. The version above is $395, this is under $8.

World Traveler Necklace
$7.80 at

This bracelet has an architectural feel to it like the one in the magazine. A great staple to add to your wardrobe.

Wavy Hinge Bracelet
$4.80 at
 I love the concept of a bold yellow clutch. This one will work well with my version of the outfit and will be great going into your fall wardrobe as well.

Chinese Laundry Twist Clutch (in mustard)

$16.88 at
In the outfit above they have a pair of clear fashion glasses but I really liked this nerdy chic black version.

F7369 Sunglasses

$5.80 at 

The grand total for my interpretation 
of InStyle's outfit is $82.24 :) 

Talk about a look for a LOT less. What do you think?

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