Monday, July 11, 2011

My Clothing and Accessory Scores of the Day!

 Here is my first installment of actual things I have purchased and the price I paid for these finds. I hit the jackpot at Maurice's. They had recently marked down a bunch of things and truth be told I am sure I could have bought more but I contained myself. :) Here is an overall picture of the items I purchased today.
 There is nothing quite like a quality pair of eye catching shoes. Red is a great, nearly neutral to add some brightness and interest to an outfit.

Kiki ruffle faux suede red pumps.

$9.98 (originally $36) at Maurices. If you don't have a local store you can check it out at

This is the lone item not from Maurices. I have been really looking for a colorful pair of sunglasses in this shape that I actually like. I was surprised to find this pair at CVS Drugstore. I love them on!

Red Sunglasses $7 ($10 but I had a $3 off coupon)

 A bright chunky statement necklace can really kick up the character of an outfit. I love this super chunky turquoise necklace and I nearly squealed with excitement when I saw the price.

Marbelized Chunky Necklace

$2.99 (Originally $18) at Maurices

I love interesting necklaces with multiple colors, and I own a lot of pink so this really held appeal to me. A necklace like this can add some modern appeal to a basic t-shirt or tank top.

Multi-Color Beaded Necklace

$2.99 (originally $16) at Maurices

I live for Blazers. This is one of my biggest obsessions over the last year or so because they are so versatile from business attire to adding structure to a pair of jeans or shorts. I wear blazers year round and i love this light weight cream and light beige striped blazer. It's a fantastic neutral and has cute floral cuffs on it's three quarter length sleeves. This is my favorite score of the whole bunch!

Striped Blazer w/ Floral Sleeves

$9.99 (originally $44) at Maurices

The last of my scores is another pair of shoes. I am quite the fan of peep-toe booties and this camel color is a fantastic neutral and I am especially happy that the wedge isn't crazy high. Cute with shorts in the summer and tights and dresses in the winter. I was quite pleased when I saw these in the clearance section.

Ellie Pleat Wedge

$9.98 ($44 originally) at Maurices

What do you guys think of this stuff? I love it! But of course, I'm a little biased. :)

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