Thursday, August 25, 2011

What I'm Wearing Today: Black, White and Thrifted All Over

 Hello Ladies. Today I want to talk a little about the wonderful, glorious thing that we call Thrift Shopping. If you aren't thrifting, you are seriously missing out. I like to pay a visit to the local Goodwill and Salvation Army at least once a month to see what might be available. I have had many people complain that they cannot find anything when they go thrifting, but I think it stems from a lack of patience of sifting through each rack for any fashion gems. It's always gonna be hit and miss, that is just the nature of the business, but hang in there and I guarantee you will not be sorry.

Now onto what I'm wearing. Today was about mixing prints in the black and white family while getting my pop of color from a bold teal pencil skirt. In the picture on the left you can see that my scarf is star printed, while my tank is an ikat print. If you are new to mixing prints and are nervous about trying it out, I would stick to prints all in the same color family. Black and white is an easy place to begin.

Here is the outfit in all of it's glory. My shirt, scarf and shoes are all different prints, but as you can see they all compliment each other well. The green skirt gives the outfit the needed color and base to support the various prints.

Now onto what I paid for everything.

Ikat Print Shirt $1.99 (with the tags till on it) at
The Salvation Army

Teal Pencil Skirt (also had tags on it) $2.99
The Salvation Army

Aeropostale Scarf - $1.00 at  a garage sale (Thanks Robin!)
Shoes - Kohl's clearance last year - $7.20

Grand total for this cute outfit: $13.18

What do you think?


                                                                                     Are you ready to try mixing prints?

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