Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm Wearing Today: Maxi Skirt

 Well hello fashionistas! Sorry I've been neglecting my posting duties. I was gone on vacation and since then I've been catching up from vacation!  I went on my first shopping trip in awhile this past weekend and was really happy with this emerald colored skirt I picked up at Macy's and wanted to share the love. The skirt was originally $44 but was on sale for $17.20. On top of that I had a coupon for 20% off making this awesome skirt only $13.76. Hooray!  I was immediately drawn to the beautiful color and the fact that I can wear it into fall and winter.
With this skirt I am wearing a lace top from Maurices that I got on the clearance rack last year but I think a lot of tops would look great with this skirt. In fact, I tried on a python print top at Macy's with it and it was gorgeous but the shirt was still $30 so I passed.

These are the sandals I'm wearing. I love the refreshing coral color and braided strap.

I got the shoes  at Aeropostale for $9.99

Also on my little shopping excursion I picked up this super adorable belt. Mostly because I knew it would go with the skirt, but also because I love the print. Best Part? It was $4.80 at forever21.

My necklace was unfortunately turned around in the picture above but this is what it looks like. I found it on the clearance rack at Claire's and I believe it was $2.99. Super cute though!

What do you think of the emerald green skirt? Is it something you will pick up for your fall wardrobe?

I know I'm in love!


  1. Love! How would you style the skirt for fall? I almost bought a knit maxi skirt similar to this but I wasn't sure if I could wear it into the cooler weather.

  2. Well there are a few ways I thought about wearing this into fall.

    1. cropped blazer or cardigan on top over a structured solid color shirt, multiple necklaces, and calf high boots to make sure all of you is toasty.

    2. Simple long sleeve shirt, scarf, colorful non-matching tights (my goldenrod pair come to mind), with ballet flats.

    Either way I think would be cute for fall. I will have to play around with it and show an official fall option :)

  3. I think this outfit is ABSOLUTELY awesome! It's sooo cute, and all the accessories just bring everything together. I love every little thing about it! Great eye as usual Kassi =)

  4. Thank you Manda Kay! :) I'm glad you likey!

  5. I love everything about this outfit! Want!

  6. I'm glad you like it! It's an honor getting praise from miss Style at a $teal :)


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