Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I'm Wearing: Comfort Calls

You are going to have to excuse my terrible pictures today. First of all, it's so windy that if I did these outside I would have blown away. Secondly, I somehow lost my memory card from my laptop to across the house. So frustrating. I found another one and by that time was SO over taking pictures of myself.

The weather caused me to reach for comfortable clothes today. This skirt is as comfortable as sweatpants, but more publicly acceptable. I just paired it with one of my light knit comfy sweaters and a metallic zebra scarf, silver metallic flats, a watch and a bracelet. This one didn't take a lot of effort to put together because I knew how each piece fit and that I would be cozy all day. I  love the color of this skirt it is so vibrant on it's own that it didn't need a lot of extra color or accessorizing.

Sweater: Second Chance Consignment, Skirt: Macy's, Shoes: Dots (Thanks, Mom!), Scarf: Boutique de Joie, Bracelet: Gift, Watch: Wild Iris

Here is how you can get a similar cute, but cozy look.
Click on the image below to see prices and retailers for each item.

Jade Maxi Skirt

What are your favorite cute and comfy pieces?


  1. I wish I could wear something like that tomorrow.
    Morning: Workout Attire
    Afternoon: Interview Attire (I am a blazer fiend!)
    Evening: PAJAMAS!

    But you look pretty awesome, especially in that color of blue :)

  2. OK...don't laugh. My comfy pick is yoga pants :)

  3. That skirt really is a great color. I am partial to my neutrals but a "pop" of color ALWAYS does and outfit good. That scarf is darling as well.

  4. Great look! So simple yet it looks pulled together and very chic :)


  5. This skirt is such a great color! You look comfy, but stylish :)

  6. I just love the skirt color, amazing! You have such a elegant style, I like it :)
    Thanks for following, I'm following you back!

  7. I'm wearing a maxi dress right now!! The color of that skirt is gorgeous, and I love it paired with the brown.


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