Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What I'm Wearing: It's a Man's World

I had to be in corporate sponsored meetings all day today and wanted to be comfortable (it's always freezing in the conference centers, never fails). I am a financial advisor and work in a male dominated field. There were probably about seven men to one woman at this conference and I always like to dress a bit androgynous on these occasions. Why? Because I want to project confidence, and in a way that does that focuses on my professionalism rather than my lady parts. I also think it's fun to do something different every once in awhile since I am usually quite girly.

There was another female advisor at this conference that looked like a two-dollar hooker. She was wearing, I kid you not, a backless mini dress with bell sleeves, huge hair and tons of makeup. Want attention much? I felt sad for her, there is a time to be professional (it can be achieved in skirts and dresses) and a time to look like you are going to the club. Then there were a few female advisors that look like they had given up on life with disheveled clothing, sloppy hair and a look like someone just ran over their dog. Where is the confidence? We are female, here us roar! I was approached by the head speaker at the conference to meet me personally - I'm pretty sure it's because I looked confident and was dressed like I meant business.

I apologize for these photos, they are a bit shadowy and weird. I blame the camera person. Wait, that's me. Umm...I blame Charlie Sheen.

Jacket: Polo thrifted from Savers, Pants: New York & Company, Belt: Vintage via Le Dominique, Chanel Scarf: Second Chance Consignment, Shoes: Elder Beerman, Handbag: Ooh La la, Belt used as Headband: Vintage via Le Dominique

What do you wear when you need to look professional?


  1. You's one sexy bitch!

  2. This look is quite sharp indeed. You are always so well put together.

    I agree 100%, it is so important that we look very professional. That said, I really do enjoy being "girly" so it is rare that I am in pants at work... or anywhere else, actually. Skirts & heels are my passion & my "go to" for sure.

    Sad that so many women have "given up on life", isn't it? I don't get it? Equally sad that some women feel like the "hooker look" is the only way to get ahead in the business world, too. We strong girls have to keep each other moving ahead.


  3. @Sarah - You know this ;)

    @Leather Skirt - Skirts and Heels are my go to as well. Being feminine is usually very important to me. It is extremely sad that women can't own theirselves. I wish I had a magic wand to go around and make women realize how great they are.

  4. So...I shouldn't wear my leopard mini and halter to conferences?! What about my light up lucite heels and blue eyeshadow up to my eyebrows? And my afro with the pick in it??

  5. LOVE menswear-inspired clothing!-Jessica


  6. @Nicole - No you may not wear your leopard mini and lucite heels to conferences, but you can wear them on a date with me ;)

    @Jessica - Me too!


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