Monday, November 28, 2011

What I'm Wearing: Fringe Benefits

Well it's the Monday after a long holiday weekend and that's about all I can say about it. Coming back from a break always means a hundred phone calls and e-mails to return, but overall I survived. Why is the Destiny's Child hit "Survivor" now stuck in my head? I think I still remember how the dance goes from that video too, but no one wants to think about me doing that, so we will move on. How was your Monday?

I decided not to get too fancy today and wore a white pair of skinny jeans, that I've probably only wore one other time. I am trying to force myself to "shop" my own closet, because it is overflowing with goodness and I don't give every piece the attention it deserves. I bought this fringed poncho a few weeks back at TJ Maxx on the clearance rack for $7. I am not typically a fan of ponchos, because my shape usually gets lost in them. Since this one was black (the color I gravitate toward in the store) and had fringe (one of my new favorite trends) I decided to try it on. Lo and behold, I loved it! This outfit was begging for some color so I pulled out a pair of red boots I don't wear very often to liven things up.

Poncho: TJ Maxx, White Skinny Jeans: K-Mart, Red Boots: Le Dominique Consignment, Purse: Nine West via Elder Beerman, Bracelet: Target

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Fringe Benefits

Here is thing about me. I am kind of a klutz and awkward things regularly happen to me. So here is the list of things that happened today that make me think that fringe and I don't mix.

1. I went into a convenience store this morning to get a doughnut and a diet pepsi. I was sashaying about  when all of a sudden a piece of fringe gets caught on one of those hooks that holds bags of beef jerky. So I got yanked back a bit and had to get into limbo position to get myself unhooked. I hoped no one saw, but I know they did.
2. Coming into work not even  five minutes later than the previous incident, I get the fringe caught on the door handle. Am I incapable of getting around in fringe? I was beginning to think so.

3. I was leaving the grocery store and I had some bags with heavier stuff, so I was pushing my cart out towards my car and there was a cart corral along the way. I decided I could carry my bags from there and put the cart back. As I did this, I somehow got a piece of fringe stuck in the zipper of my purse. So I am trying to carry my bags and my purse is wrapped half way around me on my butt. I'm a class act, aren't I? How does that even happen? It got in the tiniest crack possible. Only me...

Despite these woes, I still love the poncho! 

What do you think of this outfit?


  1. I was in TJ Maxx with my mom yesterday, and I remember thinking "Kassi found a cape or something here..." LOL. I ended up getting a black 3/4 sleeve dress with little sequins on it. I like the fringe poncho, but the poor thing was trying to commit suicide all day LOL!!! P.S. Those boots are sexy, like your fine self ;) haha

  2. Ooh me likey the outfit!!!
    Aww haha, I hate when stuff like that happens....awkwarddddd...your poor fringed poncho XD

  3. That poncho is awesome. I haven't been brave enough to try wearing one myself, but you look amazing!

  4. Fringe is so hot right now, and I am LOVING these boots. Me-owwww. Those are ass-kicking boots.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. Omg, I was laughing at your fringe- adventures! :) That's so funny! And you won't believe I actually thrifted a very similar fringe number. The only difference it's a black see-through-y material. Love how you styled it with white jeans and red boots&bag! You look super great!
    Good luck!

  6. the poncho looks AMAZING with red boots! i have a coat+purse combination that somehow gets a button stuck in a zipper pull all the time, so i can totally commiserate with your grocery store purse issues!

    p.s. i'm totally following your blog now :)

    dash dot dotty

  7. I can't say that this top in terms of functionality gave you any fringe benefits but it looks fantastic on you Kassi! And...doughnut and diet pepsi????? That sounds like my dinner, a banana and a glass of merlot.

  8. That is too funny! Sounds like what would happen to me if I attempt any item of clothing that can easily get caught on stuff. I'm also trying to shop my own closet. It's harder than it looks...
    xo Jac

  9. You look absolutely adorable! Love the fringe, and the poncho is a really flattering look for you!

    Two more things:

    1) A doughnut and diet pepsi is pretty much my idea of the perfect breakfast.
    2) I routinely get myself into awkward/random/hilarious/uncomfortable/etc situations. I like to keep things interesting. ;)

  10. That fringe is awesome and worth the amusing to read snags!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  11. My fringing always get's caught on things as well! I thought it was just me, haha! Love a pair of white jeans and all though it's a safety hazard I love your fringed poncho. Great outfit.xx

  12. LOL, that always happens to me too, and its not just fringe, everything gets caught in something! :)

    thanks for stopping by my blog, and I am already following you :)


  13. Pretty outfit hun. How did you find the boots to match the bag exactly?
    I think as long the poncho is a neutral colour, and not like the one on Ugly Betty, it can look good.

  14. I loved your blog!
    I loved the look, especially the boots ...
    I'm following you.
    Follow me back ...
    I'll see you on my blog.

  15. I've been dying for some red boots! Love the outfit :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  16. Haha, I think you and I would get along together fabulously! Those kinds of things happen to me all the time, too. =) lol I think the outfit is perfect! The red boots and purse make the outfit sort of Christmassy which is perfect since it's the beginning of the Christmas season!

  17. i love this outfit !!! i following, follow me please

  18. I love that red/ white combination! Great bag and boots:)

    Stories and Sequins

  19. I like your outfit, but the bag is the best ! ; )
    I'm following your blog now, I love it.

    Kisses. xoxo


  20. I think you gotta learn to just not swish so much ;) xx

  21. great bag and boots!

  22. I'm absolutely in LOVE with that bracelet!! I'm going to have to look if they still have it. I like shopping at TJ Maxx but I fear that if I would wear fringe I would be put in very similar situations. Cute outfit!

  23. I like your inspiration and how you wear it! Blouse with fringes is amazing! Of course I'm following you :)

  24. I always have a hard time shopping my own closet but when I do, I love the results just like I love these white jeans. They go so well with the red boots. That fringe poncho is definitely worth the spaz moments. I might even consider buying one but from one klutz to another, I appreciate the warning.

  25. That has to be the cutest poncho I've seen! I have always kinda ignored ponchos for the same reason, I thought I would get lost in one. Thanks for changing my mind!

  26. i love these red items:) btw. i'm your newest follower now, hope you like my blog too:)


  27. Hahah it sounds like we have similar 'fringe issues' I wore a fring-y skirt the other week and got caught in countless things plus my bracelet got caught in some gal's hair-oh dear! I really love this fringe poncho on you and ow ow those boots are sexy!

  28. Can I just say how much I enjoy reading your blog? It always makes me smile and I often see myself in the stories.

    The story about the fringe... no doubt it would have been me, too. I seem to manage to get jackets, purse handles, gloves, sometimes even pockets caught on things. Sometimes I just run into them. Hee Hee.

    BTW... the boots rock!

  29. Black, red, and white is really a great color combo. Very nice! I'm liking the fringe...

    Cup of Tea

  30. The adventures of the fringe, lol! You make the fringe look very trendy :)

  31. loooove your bag!

  32. LOVE the fringe top. i'm basically obsessed with fringe


  33. Cute look. Sorry to hear you kept getting stuck on things.


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