Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blogger Spotlight on....Sarah from "Coming Unstitched"

I have decided to start occasionally featuring other fashion/beauty bloggers that I am inspired by. My first victim...I mean...inspiration is Sarah of the blog "Coming Unstitched." We ran into each other on the blogosphere and discovered we are from the area in po-dunk Michigan. Not only that, we graduated the same year in schools that are like 15 miles from each other. Crazy, right? What has bonded us the most is our similar taste in fashion and our ridiculous senses of humor. I love this girl and I have never even met her in real life. We've pretty much decided we are fashion soulmates and continually boost each other's abnormally large egos.

                                                                  Here are the questions that I asked Sarah:

1.  What motivated you to start fashion blogging?

My friend Nicole (who has a fabulous blog called Mascara and Building Blocks) threatened me with bodily harm if I didn't.  Or maybe she just asked me nicely.  It's hard to say, really.  I was on the job hunt to get back into fashion after a few years away (and still am.. hey, you reading this... hire me!) and Nicole told me that people would LOVE to hear what I have to say on fashion.  Naturally, because I am so egotistical I believed her, and poof!  Here I am.

2. How would you describe your personal style?

Awesome.  Duh.  It really depends on my mood for the day.  Sometimes I like to look really classic, other times I go for a more bohemian look.  If I'm running late and need a quick outfit, it usually leads towards the bohemian side though.  There's nothing I love more than a wide leg pant or a billowy top... I like things that are a bit big on me (yes, I don't always abide by my own fashion rules). 
3. What fashion trends do you absolutely hate?

Anything that has to do with camo or Ed Hardy.  Do these actually count as trends?   I hate Ed Hardy more than I hate rabid dogs or pistachios with no nut inside.  I hate Ed Hardy more than I hate when people say "supposebly" or don't have the same opinions as I do.  I hate Ed Hardy more than I hate when my DVR cuts off my show too early or when I smudge my nail polish directly after applying.  Shall I go on?
4. What piece of clothing or accessory do you wear the most from your wardrobe?

I have two pairs of American Eagle jeans that I wear constantly.  One is a vintage flare fit, the other is a wide(r) leg boyfriend fit.  Both pairs are too long on me and I'm far too lazy to hem them so instead I let them get all dirty by walking on them.  But hey, keeps the bottom of my shoes clean, and that's important for your health!  (Trust me, I'm a doctor on the side, too.)  (No I'm not.)
5. If you could steal one celebrity's style, who's would it be?

By steal you mean borrow their ideas, right?  Not steal like jump over their security gate (because I have amazing launch abilities), cut a hole through their glass front door, dismantle their alarm with one kick, climb up their staircase handrail so as not to leave foot prints, rifle through their closets with lightening speed, and take off before they even take their next breath?  What was the question again?  Oh right.  First choice, Rachel Zoe.  Second, Nicole Richie.  They're pretty much one in the same though, right?
6. When you aren't being a fabulous blogger, what do you do for fun?

Poke my fiance in the arm repeatedly until he pays attention to me long enough to ask him what he's doing.  Wait, 5 minutes, repeat.  Also, we watch a lot of football.  Weekends are usually spent away from home since everyone we know in the world is at least 2 hours away from us.  Or we go into Pittsburgh, stand up on Grandview Avenue (where he proposed) and scream "I'm King of the World!"  People like that.
7. What do you love the most about blogging?

The people I've met and the inspiration I've gotten from them.  See?  I can be sincere

8. What is your favorite guilty pleasure song?
Welllllll I do have the Paris Hilton song "Stars are Blind" on my iPod.  DON'T JUDGE ME.  It was a moment of weakness.  I was confused.  People were dangling shiny things in my eyes and I couldn't see.  I was threatened at gun point.  (And yes, I totally sing along to it.) 

9.  I know you recently got engaged. If you had to choose between a Star Wars wedding theme and a Sesame Street wedding  theme - which would you go with and why?
This is one of the toughest questions I've ever been asked.  On the one hand, I love the dark/brooding colors of Star Wars.  And I kinda dig Princess Leia's belt.  But that hair.  Oh the hair.  Cinnamon rolls are only good for eating.  However, I do intend to have Elmo as my officiant.  I just hope he doesn't upstage me.  IT'S MY DAY, ELMO!

10. I'm going to ask you the same question you asked me -
 If you could have one superpower what would it be?
How do you know I don't have one already?  And this question would just give it away.  I can't just say "Oh I wish I could be invisible" and then one day we're hanging out and all of a sudden BAM! I'm gone and you're like "She said she wished she could be invisible, I guess I'm not surprised" and I'm sitting there listening to you and I'm like "Dang, this isn't as fun and shocking as I thought it would be" and the excitement of witnessing a superpower is completely lost and then I'm sad.  See what you did?!

 Isn't she awesome!? I love her. You can check out her blog here and "like" her on facebook here!


  1. Love it. I'm glad I met someone who shares my taste in fashion and ridiculous jokes.

  2. This is so authentically Sarah!! I am convinced she is going to be famous and I can say, "I know her" and maybe she will come speak at Commencement about making Dreams Come True... wait, I need to book her now.

  3. It might have been both, Sarah. I am not above a good threat in the name of fashion ;)

  4. I just started following Sarah. Love her sense of humor and personality (based on this interview). Glad I decided to follow. =o)


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