Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I'm Wearing: Working the Basics

Whenever you are throwing a mini-tantrum because you can't find anything to wear it always helps to have great basics in your closet that you can go-to in a bind. I realize that not everyone loves flashy outfits, trendy cuts or bright colors. This type of outfit looks good on all body types and will always leave you looking polished (no matter how frazzled you feel).  This was the case for me this morning, I was in a rush and my creative juices were certainly not flowing, so I just went to pieces I knew would work.
Blazer: Charlotte Russe, Cream Satin Tank: Came underneath another shirt, Necklace: Kohl's, Skirt: Goodwill, Shoes: Simply Vera Wang via Garage Sale (Thanks Mom!), Purse: Simply Vera Wang via Kohl's

 Here are two ways (one Misses, one Plus-Size) to get a similar look and add easy-to-wear pieces to your wardrobe.

1. Faux Suede Flyaway Blazer - $26.50 from A'gaci
2. Mossimo Persis Heeled Sandals - $10.48 from Target
3. Coverstitched Cotton Blend Tank - $4.50 from Forever 21
4. Mossimo  Women's Pencil Skirt - $19.99 from Target
5. Draping Statement Necklace - $14.99 from Frock Candy

1. Shirred Cuff Blazer - $29.80 from Forever 21+
2. Plus-Size Merona Knee Length Skirt - $25.99 from Target
3. St. John's Bay Tank - Plus - $3.60 from JC Penney
4. Black Feather Cord Necklace - $9.50 from Charlotte Russe
5. Keme Glitter Peep Toe Platform - $24.99 from A'gaci

Have fun getting back to basics!


  1. I really love the color of that blazer. It's not your typical black or white....And you hit the jackpot with that unique tote! I'm sure not a lot of people have it! Love it!- Jessica

  2. Thank you! My mother-in-law allowed me to pick out some of my own Christmas presents last year and that blazer was one of them. I love it! Charlotte Russe actually sells a purple one like it right now! The tote was a clearance score! :)

  3. Totally agree about the blazer- such a fun twist on a normal blazer!


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