Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I'm Wearing: Pink and Leopard

As you've probably noticed, I have a fashion crush on leopard prints. So I apologize in advance if you see way too many for your liking in my fall wardrobe, but I can't help myself. I found that pairing this printed shirt with a pink skirt made this look fresh and a little unexpected. It's funny because I had lunch with my friend Amanda (see her blog here) and she shows up looking super cute wearing a pink cardigan with a snow leopard tank. We apparently had a pink and leopard lunch theme. My shoes got swallowed by the leaves, but they are black pointy toed pumps, nothing too fancy. I believe I will be wearing this combo again, I really like the way it works together.

Leopard Shirt: Forever 21, Pink Suede Skirt: Michael Kors via Clothes Mentor,
Necklace: Clothes Mentor, Belt: Dots, Purse: Goodwill

1. Jones New York Leopard Print Top - $29.00 from Dillard's
2. Leopard Print Cable Chain - $8.80 from Forever 21
3. Spiegel Signature Stretch Pencil Skirt - $19.00 from Amazon
4. Mossimo Paisley Black Pumps - $25.00 from Target

Is the pink and leopard combo for you?


  1. It was pretty funny seeing we had the same idea today, lol! I stopped in at Goodwill on the way home and ended up getting a brown pair of pointy toes, another dress (tags on!) and a sweater. You found so many good things, I was inspired to hunt for treasure too LOL

  2. Yay! That's great! I'm glad you found some more stuff!

  3. I just got a gray leopard print skirt :D
    This outfit is inspirational-Haute!

  4. Thanks Nicole. Oooh you are going to have to do a post in that gray leopard skirt! I want to see!

  5. GREAT outfit! LOVE the print and the bright color of the skirt!- Jessica

  6. Love this :) I love leopard print and hot
    Pink together .. Great blog hope u can follow back


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