Monday, October 10, 2011

What I'm Wearing: Taupe and Plum

If you would have asked me circa 2 years ago if I would ever wear the color taupe, I would have said "no way." It is a neutral color and I've historically had a difficult time wearing colors that are so close to my skin tone. I broke through this misconception awhile back when I tried on a Cynthia Rowley dress at TJ Maxx and fell in love. It is such a rich color that is somewhere between brown and gray.  I really still can't believe how much I love it, and it's available everywhere now. On a side note, while getting dressed this morning, I awkwardly touched the sleeves of this shirt and said to myself "I like your sleeves, they're real big." I'm well aware that I am an odd duck, but if you've seen the movie Napoleon Dynamite you will get the reference. As for the plum skirt, I've had it for several years and it is beautiful for fall. This is a simple outfit, but I believe in letting the rich colors do most of the talking.

Top: TJ Maxx, Statement necklace: The Wild Iris, Long Chain Necklace: Jule, Skirt: New York & Company, Shoes: Bakers

Here is how you can get a similar look.
1. Ruched Shoulder Tee - $12.90 from Alloy
2. Faux Gemstone Necklace - $9.80 from Forever 21
3. Millenium Stretch Pencil Skirt - $16.99 from Charlotte Russe
4. Fioni Limelight Glitter Sling Backs - $29.99 from Payless

What do you think? Do you like this color combination?


  1. Great combo!


  2. hi ..regards from Indonesia. Nice day.

  3. I love Napoleon Dynamite! And these colors are amazing. Another great outfit :)

  4. Thank you all! Yesss! I'm glad someone else likes Napoleon Dynamite! Fantastic!


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