Saturday, October 8, 2011

What I'm Wearing: Lace, Gold and Leopard

Today I went out to the Appleumpkin Festival for some good eats and to shop the vendors. It was an 80 degree day here in lower Michigan, and I was actually sweating in this outfit all day long. I should have opted for some shorts or a dress, but that is besides the point. I have had this sheer lace shirt for around 5 years and I will not be getting rid of it any time soon! It has a great vintage quality and adds interest to the simplest of outfits. I just purchased these flats at Kohl's (I had Kohl's Cash burning a hole in my pocket) and they are so comfortable. They are pretty much like a slipper inside and I highly recommend them for fall. My toes were way too warm in them on this unseasonably warm day, but they will be perfect for the crisp, cool air that autumn usually ushers in.

Black Lace Top: Maurices, Gold Camisole: Clothes Mentor, Jeans: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl's, Shoes: Kohl's, Necklace: Clothes Mentor, Bracelets: Jule   

1. Black Lace Top - $24.90 from Windsor
2. Nude Shaping Camisole - $10.99 from Lingerie Fashion Shop
3. Mixit Blush Row Bead Necklace - $10.80 from JC Penney
4. The Dreamer Boot-Cut Jeans - $19.50 from Old Navy
5. SO Ballet Flats in Leopard - $27.99 from Kohl's
6. Stretchy Pyramid Bracelet - $4.80 from Forever 21

Is this a look you would try?


  1. I love this outfit! It is right up my alley. Good call keeping that top, it is so versatile and very pretty!

  2. Yay! Glad you like it. Yeah I could never bring myself to get rid of it because I still like to get it in the rotation every now and again! :)

  3. You look very polished and chic in this outfit. Very pretty Kassi!

  4. Nice outfit!

  5. I'm in south Michigan too! Aren't you loving these FABULOUS days?? I know I am. Very cute look! :)

    Cup of Tea

  6. Yes! Yes! Yes! The weather has been so beautiful!
    and Thank you!!


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