Thursday, October 27, 2011

What I'm Wearing: Cropped Pants and Lace

Cropped pants with this shape have terrified me for quite some time now. My hips are pretty much my biggest part so why accentuate them? With this whole peplum trend going on, I have learned that sometimes volume on the hips makes your waist looks smaller. These were not too voluminous and I felt quite comfortable in the lightweight material all day. The price was certainly right - I purchased both pairs (this color and black) with tags still on at the Goodwill for $4. I can't complain about that. I am also obsessed with lace and I've wore this long sleeve top a lot. Buy one like it, you won't regret it. Don't mind the stains on the pants, I am a slob and spilled some coffee on myself. I feel sorry for the clothes I wear, I don't deserve them.

Lace Top: Kohl's, Cropped Pants: Goodwill (from Target), Shoes: Maurices, Necklace: Clothes Mentor, Bracelet: Forever 21

Here is how you can get a similar and affordable look.

1. Sheer Lace Top - $14.80 from Forever 21
2. Mixit Blush Fabric Flower Necklace - $10.80 from JC Penney
3. Ankle Pant with Slit - $18.47 from New York & Company

Is this a combination you would try?


  1. I love love love lace!
    So Pretty.

  2. Great pants!


  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog & for leaving such a sweet comment. I will post about yesterday's venture to work & out while wearing one of my leather skirts soon but later today I will get my first "Style Icon" post up. First, i have to work for a bit. Ugh! Hope you will drop by for both?

  4. Love those trousers! Super cute


  5. I really love that lace top! Very cute!!

    And to answer your question about Value World, I actually was at the one in Warren, but the Ann Arbor location is probably only about 40 minutes away! Isn't is such a great place for cheap and neat clothes?? I really should go there more often...

    Cup of Tea

  6. Thank you all for your lovely comments.

    @Julia - Yes I love it and I am happy to report I came away with 2 leather skirts, a Caribbean blue pencil skirt and an H&M Blazer My bill was like $15. So happy.


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