Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Outfit Idea of the Day: 70's Vibe

What is old is new again. That's right, I'm talking about the 70s people. Flare jeans, flowy tops, platform shoes, and retro colors have made a major comeback for fall. I have yet to go out and purchase a pair of flare jeans but I think I will be headed to stores to try some on soon! A part of me has always felt akin to 70s clothing, I love the colors and shapes it produced! Below are some pieces that would make a very chic retro inspired outfit. I really love these colors together and I want it all right now!

Here is how to take your wardrobe back to the 70s.

1. Printed Sheer Top - $19.80 from Forever 21

2. Liliana Platform Pump - $20.99 from

3. Hi-Rise Retro Flare Jeans - $36.94 from Old Navy

4. Tiered Faux Stone Earrings - $3.80 from Forever 21

5. Flower Swingpouch Cross-Body Purse - $16.95 from

Do you think this outfit is groovy?


  1. That purse is too cool! I like retro wear too. I'm more of a 60's person myself (not that I dress that way, but I think I'm a hippie in my head lol) I heart flare leg jeans though, looks like a need a new pair ;)

  2. The blue pumps are gorgeous!

  3. I know what you mean Manda! I love the free spirit vibe of the 60s. So fantastic! Old Navy has those jeans in a few different styles and washes. Love!

    I love the pumps too! They are so retro-chic!


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