Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trending Now: Tribal-Inspired Necklaces

Tribal prints and accessories are everywhere. There are so many cute ways to get in on the trend but I am focusing on tribal-inspired statement necklaces. A great statement necklace can add needed pop and interest to any outfit. Here are some tribal pieces to update your wardrobe.

1. Pierced Circle Tribal Necklace - $7.50 from Charlotte Russe
2. Focal Point Statement Necklace - $18.00 from Frock Candy
3. a.n.a Wood Collar Necklace - $17.99 from JC Penney
4. Cubes and Spikes Necklace - $7.80 from Forever 21
5. Chain Link Tusk Necklace - $16.90 from Go Jane

Will you be rocking the tribal look?


  1. LOVE #3. I'm pretty sure I should own it. Great post :)

  2. That is also my favorite! :) I've been debating about getting it for weeks!


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