Friday, September 2, 2011

Trending Now: Let's Get Rust-ic!

One of the most trendy colors for fall 2011 is rich shades of rust. I never thought much about wearing rust before, but this season' shades are so saturated and beautiful that I couldn't help but take notice. Open any fashion magazine and I guarantee you will see this color in its pages. I have already purchased my first (but probably not the last) rust piece for fall this skirt from Forever21 for only $9.50! Below I am showing six inexpensive ways to get in on one of fall's hottest colors.


        $26.50 from A'gaci

       $25.00 from Le Mode Accessories

        $21.99 at

       $6.99 at

       $14.80 from Forever21        

      $19.80 from Forever21 

   Will you be getting "rust-ic" this fall?

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