Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Watch List

Not too many years ago you couldn't even get me to look at a watch. I thought they were for old people and nerds. My mind has very much been changed by the onslaught of interesting watches that can become a statement piece. Watches are classic and timeless - well they are time-full...nevermind, you know what I mean. Anyhow, I now own about 3 watches which is a big improvement from zero, but I am looking to add to my repertoire. I've been seeing beautiful tortoise shell styles, gorgeous multi-tones and awesome edgy statement makers. I've comprised a list of watches I like, well actually, two lists. One of classic styles and one with attention grabbing watches. All of which you can pick up for great prices!

1. Bongo Black and Silvertone Watch - $16.99 from K-Mart

2. Geneva Chronograph Tortoise Band Watch - $19.99 from

3. Drama Queen Silver Snake Skin Finish Watch - $26.99 from

4. Black Faux Leather Skinny Band Watch - $9.99 from Target

1. Bongo Gunmetal Double Wrapped Band Watch - $16.99 from K-mart

2. Studio Time Leopard Bangle Watch - $19.99 from Kohl's

3. Decree Studded Bangle Watch - $19.99 from JC Penney

4. Studio Time Jet Snake Bangle Watch - $16.99 from Kohl's

What is your watch style?

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