Monday, September 12, 2011

What I'm Wearing: Faux Leather and Lace

This was honestly a last minute decision this morning, I was in a frenzy because I had nothing to wear (feel free to roll your eyes). I grabbed my old trusty black faux leather skirt and proceeded to rifle through my shirts. Nothing was hitting my fancy and my eye kept being drawn back towards my faux leather moto vest. Thinking to myself "How in the world am I gonna make this look non-biker chick?"
"Lace!" I answered myself. Yes, I occasionally talk to myself and my clothes, don't judge.

So I then frantically went through my camisole and sleeveless shirt drawers and pulled out a nude and cream gem that I hadn't even wore yet. Much to my delight I thought it broke up the faux leather-fest quite nicely.

Add a pearl bracelet,  a pretty headband and bow adorned heels and I was feeling more proper lady than Harley enthusiast.

Headband: $1.97 from JC Penney (last winter)

Faux Leather Vest:
Candie's from Kohl's - around $14

Lace Camisole:
New York & Company via
Clothes Mentor Consignment $4

Faux Leather Skirt:
New York & Company $10

Faux Pearl Bracelet:

Paris Hilton via TJ Maxx $22

Here is how you can get a similar look.

1. Leatherette Halter Vest - $19.80 from Forever 21

2. Miss Chievous Rosette Lace Tank - $12.99 from Macy's

3. Silver Pearl Flower Metal Headband - $14.50 from

4. Surplice Faux Leather Skirt - $32 from Venus

5. Pearl Bling Stretch Bracelets - $6.50 from Charlotte Russe

6. Qupid Bow Accent Black Pump - $25.00 from

I think a long sleeve lace shirt would transition this outfit to fall nicely.It just happened to be a beautiful day here!

Is leather and lace for you?


  1. The combination of leather and lace is so great because the contrast between the soft and elegant lace and the tough, rock'n'roll leather is huge! You look gorgeous!


  2. Thank you! I agree that the contrast between the materials is that really makes this outfit pop. :)


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