Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I'm Wearing: Making the Rust Trend Work

Awhile back I put together a collection of rust colored items so that you could get in on the trend at a great price. I thought I would show you how I put together a look with a rust colored skirt I purchased a few weeks ago. It's getting a bit cooler here in Michigan so I already had to break out a blazer. Bittersweet.  Anyhow, below is how I created a look from my wardrobe that incorporates the rust color trend.  There is also a compilation of items that will create a very similar look at a reasonable price.

Please excuse the fact that my super cute shoes are being eaten by my grass. Guess it's time to mow the lawn!
There they are - phew! These shoes are far too cute to hide with the little beaded bows.

Here are some items that will create a very similar outfit. Two of the items are the exact pieces I am wearing in the photos above. Links to each items are provided - just click on the blue description!

        $29.50  A'GACI                                   

       $29.94  DSW                                            

    $9.50 Forever 21                                                 
      $17.80  Forever 21                                       
      $5.00  Old Navy                             

How are you feeling about this outfit?
Do you think you would give rust colored clothes/accessories a chance?

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