Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stuff I Want and Why I Want It

 Fall is quickly approaching and with a new season comes new styles and colors that make me drool. I start getting the shopping itch hard core. You have to have some new awesome pieces, right? Hi, my name is Kassi, and I am a Shopaholic. Luckily, I don't like to pay a lot for any one piece so my bank account is still in tact. Here are some of the items that have caught my eye in recent interweb browsings.

I am absolutely loving the jades, emeralds and deep greens that are making a strong appearance for the fall. I also have a bit of thing for jackets and blazers. This jade blazer has the right balance of breeziness and structure to make it both classy and sexy. I am extremely happy to have alternatives to black, navy and gray blazers!

Annie Jade Lightweight Blazer - $37.00 from Urban 1972

Big statement necklaces have been a favorite of mine as of late. They can totally transform an outfit, like make a t-shirt and jeans look exciting. Red is huge for fall and let's face it, red never goes out of style.

Seed-Bead Loop Chain Necklace - $15.00 from Old Navy

Hooray for a statement shoe alternative to red! Not that there is anything wrong with red (I have at least 4 pairs of red heels), but mustard is a major color for fall and you can't deny that this rich color would turn heads. I envision them used to brighten up your winter browns, grays and navy blues.

Dynamite Knot Suede Peep Toes - $28.50 from A'gaci

In fall and winter I rely heavily on tights to add some interest and color to my work outfits. I have just about every color there is...except green. So clearly I need this color to complete the color wheel. But seriously, I think this color would look great paired with leopard print and I can't wait to get a pair.

Green 80 Denier 3D Opaque Tights - $12.00 from Topshop

I love nautical! This cardigan is a cute way to carry the trend into the fall. Love the double breasted look, it's a classic. I can see so many possibilities with a cardigan like this. Over red/white striped shirt or dress, paired with a gray pleated skirt, with white pants and red heels and the list goes on and on.

Shawl-Collar Double Breasted Cardigan

$25.00 from Yes Style

I have been seeing art deco necklaces here and there in magazines, online, etc. I have been wanting an art deco piece for awhile now, but most options were more than I like to spend. Enter this awesome steam punk meets art deco piece. Use this to spice up your fall wardrobe.

Steampunk Vintage Watch Necklace

$25.00 from Etsy (victoriancuriosities)

What pieces do you want for fall?

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